Steel Target Stand, Base and Angled Hanger for 2×4





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  • Heavy Stable Base / Stand
  • 1/2″ Carriage Bolt, Fastening Bolts, Washers, Stopnut included
  • Rust inhibiting finish
  • Assembles/Disassembles at all leg joints
  • AR500 Plate not included


Steel target shooting base / stand and top hanger designed for hardened steel targets. Steel construction with insert for a 2×4 riser. Target is static held at ~15 degree downward angle. 4 points of contact with raised center for better stability. Pictured with 12″ x 20″ IDPA target for demonstration only, not included. Direct hits on carriage bolt may render it inoperable, replace as needed.

Weight 6.1 lbs


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