Steel Target Stand for 2×4 Riser, 2×2 Legs





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  • Build a Range target base from 2×2 legs and a 2×4 Riser of Dimentional Lumber
  • All hardware included to assemble Base
  • Rust inhibiting finish
  • Sorry, AR500 Plate, 2 x 2’s and 2 x 4 NOT included
  • Easy to assemble and replace damaged wooden components when needed

Item is a painted steel base that accepts a 2×4 riser and 4 2×2 legs cut to desired length. (Dimensional Lumber) This is the stand base to construct a shooting platform. This base is lighter than inclusive steel versions making it easy to pick up and move around the range. with 1/2″ mounting holes. All hardware for assembling the base will be enclosed. Note: 2×4 , 2×2 top hanger, and target are NOT included. Product is base only

Weight 4.6 lbs


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