T-Post Chain Hanging Kit





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  • Tpost Brackets are 3/16″ Carbon Steel
  • Friction fit onto a standard size Tpost
  • 1/4″ 30 Proof Chain
  • 1/2″ – 13 Carriage bolts for Plate mounting
  • Please Note: Target and Tpost not included


Mounting kit contains 1 pair of Tpost mounting brackets, 1/4″ 30 Proof Chain, and all required hardware for mounting a Steel Plate. Carriage bolts are long enough to adjust the downward facing angle of the target. Installation is quite minimal in terms of materials and simplicity. Brackets are slid on to desired height and tightened onto the Tpost with 5/16 tap bolts (included). The chains just hang from a cold shut on the backside of the hangers. This type of setup makes hanging targets from chain possible in just about any terrain, steep hillsides, mud, uneven, etc. Multiple brackets / Chains can be arrayed for multiple custom shooting lineups as seen in the last photo.

Weight 3.2 lbs


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